Friday, 12 December 2014

The Internet - A Window Into the Ugly Soul of Humanity

We often hear of the benefits of the internet and how it has revolutionized the world - and there's little doubt that it truly has done this. It has brought limitless information to our fingertips - something which for someone like me, who used to read encyclopdias just for kicks, is a bonafide god-send. Usually the only down-sides we hear about the internet is how addicted we are to it - you know, the people that can't go on a camping trip anymore unless they can get service out there. (Gotta keep my Facebook page updated so everyone can see what a good time I'm having!). No doubt, I get a giggle out of those people too. But the internet has done something else - at least to me - it has opened a window into looking at how society is, and how it works... and I don't much like what I see. Maybe it's just me growing older (in my mid-forties now) and becoming more cagey and embittered... but also, one of the things that makes me so cynical is because my experiences now force me to admit certain "truths" exist that I would rather not acknowledge. It has had the effect of turning me into a misanthrope - not because I hate people so much, but more because I don't think "people" in the aggregate truly have the ability to "pull themselves up" in the pie-in-the-sky way we've been told would happen if we just followed the rules. The Boomertopian fantasy world we've been living in is about to come crashing down - it has to, because it is not based upon reality.

I don't think the "average" schmoe like myself has ever been able to process "society" like we are able to do today. Not too long ago, our interactions with the outside world was mostly limited to our friends, family and co-workers. The outside people were those in your neighbourhood - at the store and in the restaurants. Sure, we watched the news and read the papers which told us events that happened around the world, but mostly, our world was still pretty small and our window into examining "society" was mostly limited to those immediately around us - a pretty small sliver of a sample, and incredibly biased towards your own way of thinking. "Home" is always "right," isn't it?  But today, with the internet and the click of a button, everyone from lunatic social justice warriors to totalitarian political hacks to lying sleezeball financialists, is arguing in front of us by the thousands... by the millions!

And it's when you step back and look at it as such - in the whole - that we get a much broader view of "humanity" than we've ever had before. The internet has done that to me, and I suspect I am not the only one who has experienced this effect.

I no longer believe. I've lost the faith.

Democracy? I don't believe in it - or, at least, I don't have faith in the people's ability to choose entirely what's best for the nation. The phrase "The problem with democracy is it turns Statesmen into Politicians" comes to mind - and when it comes right down to it, that phrase indicates that the unwashed masses are truly not "smart enough" to choose the difficult things that must be done once in a while in order to keep civilization functioning. Democracy, at best, must be severely limited - by a Constitution, which is further evidence in and of itself that Democracy is an imperfect system that must be kept out of reach of "the people's" control.

And it must work this way too. And, in all of history, some form or other of "controlling the masses" has been in place. If there are no "rules" then there is also no civilization. Once we realize that, we are set upon a path of finding the best rules which give the most people a high quality of life. But this is now a totally different path than the average person would agree to without serious contemplation - it is politically incorrect to say that "the people" should not have all the power. And I've always considered myself to have a libertarian bent! But I also used to have more faith in people.

We live in a world that I refer to as "Boomer-topia."

It's a dream world in which we're told from every politically corner that if we only click our heels three time, close our eyes and believe really hard, we can create a heaven on earth filled with unicorns leaving their candy-cane crap for us to pick up and eat. It's so beautiful! You just gotta believe!

I think one of things I'm most struck by today is how much our world truly has been based on "un-truth." And I suspect that we're about to have a "correction" that brings it all crashing down. The Truth doesn't care about our politiallly correct feelings - it just carries on regardless.

For example - If the economy collapses, which innevitably it must, how much longer will we be able to believe in the pretty lies? Here's a politically incorrect thing to think about - if wages have stagnated since the 1970's to where it now takes two people working full-time to do what once could be done on a single income... and at the same time we are struggling with high-unemployment across the nation because we are becoming redundant in a global and mechanized world, then what we have is simply based upon the Law of Supply and Demand. As demand declines, supply will also lower itself until it meets its equilibrium. This is not rocket science, but it is a Law that has been well proven. Is it not, therefore, reasonable to say that over the next decades we will see women leave the workplace and return to the home in the same way they did the reverse 30 or 40 years ago? And it will be the men that keep working, not women, because no matter how you slice it into tiny politically correct little pieces, men are still far more efficient workers than women are. It's just how it IS and how it has always BEEN, and we will "revert to the mean" one way or another. It's simple economics, and I don't care how many Women's Studies Degrees laden with debt that you throw at me, it's simply the Truth. Complain to Mother Nature about it, not me.

People should not embrace multi-culturalism. Sure, we should accept others cultures, but there is also nothing wrong with accepting our own being as equally valid as theirs, and just as worth preserving! The reason people want to come to live in the West is because of what WE created... which they obviously think is better than what the culture they came from created. We can respect such people, but it is they that are guests in our house, and they have to adapt to our culture more than we should be expected to accomodate theirs. Do you think China should put up stop-signs in English so if you go to live there you don't have to learn Chinese? I don't. The onus is on the immigrant to accomodate the culture, not the other way around - which is literally a form of cultural suicide. We should stop this nonsense before it's too late... or the Truth will stop it for us one day when we "revert to the mean." And I don't care how many people with Ph D's in Ebonics throw their twisted facts at me about the value of diversity. It's crap, and deep down we all know it but don't dare to say it.

I hate Boomertopia. It's a house of lies. I remember reading once about what people who lived behind the Iron Curtain hated the most. Several people said that it wasn't the gulags or the secret police but rather, it was all of the lies they had to live with that they hated most. For example, I'm sure that the farmers who received their orders from Moscow to plant their crops on this day or that - regardless of whether the ground was still frozen or not - those farmers must've known it was all bullshit, but they were compelled to lie to themselves and everyone around them anyways. I understand how they must've felt because I think Boomertopia has given us something similar in the West. We are living in a world of pretty lies.

There's no doubt that our economy will get completely obliterated within my lifetime. Maybe it won't happen tomorrow (or maybe it will) and maybe it will take another 20 years, but we are on an unsustainable path. We have too much debt and too many obligations, and the demographic bottleneck that is coming as our retiring Baby-Boomers count on the much smaller subsequent generations to pay for their pensions is going to force us to discover that those people probably won't want to work very hard when 90% of their income goes to taxes to fund other people's lives instead of their own. Hell, I'd rather forage for berries and eat squirrel than live like that! Wouldn't you? A collapse is all but inevitable. We probably could have made it if we'd made some politically incorrect choices before the massive debt expansion of '08/09, but now the numbers are in and there's no doubt - we're screwed. The Laws of Nature are going to come and slap us up the side of the head until all those pretty lies come out the other side and makes us clean again.

Most of the PC Pretty Lies we believe in are only possible because of our wealth. Once the wealth is gone, the lies will leave too, and all that will be left is the exposed Truth beneath. This is a cycle that we've seen many times over history - it's like we're human lemmings jumping off a cliff, over and over again.

When we get wealthy, we specialize our labour. Since the Industrial Revolution really took hold about 150 years ago, we've left the "Jack of All Trades" lifestyle of the family farm and specialized in becoming accountants, or electricians, or financial manipulators, or professors who teach pretty lies to gullible youngsters who've already bought into more pretty lies in the form of student loans. What we have done in the process is removed ourselves from nature - we don't know where our food comes from anymore. The accountant in the city simply thinks Nature "should" work this way because he lives in an artificial world where his food is purchased at the grocery store. When we were all farmers we knew Nature didn't work according to our rules, but rather we worked according to it's schedule.

Boomertopia is going to collapse. All fairy tales must end... and the misanthrope in me can't wait for it to happen. I hate all the lies.

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