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Will There Be a Chain Reaction of Bursting Bullshit Bubbles?

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A few months ago, I wrote that what I think is really going on in society is not any one particular problem, but rather a whole society that has built up one great, big Bullshit Bubble. I am struck by how many facets of society are based upon falseness.

I myself have written extensively about the lies and fabrications that society has spewed forth in its desire to androgynize the sexes - based on entirely fabricated lies or willful distorting of the truth and society's refusal to observe the naked reality that exists about them. The sexes are different, and every time before that a society has androgynized the sexes, their birth-rates plummeted and the society collapsed. So far, there have been no exceptions. This is one bullshit bubble that's probably going to burst sometime during my lifetime, if I've still got another 30 or 40 years left in me. With a birth-rate of around 1.5 per couple - an approximate norm around the Western World - SOMETHING is going to have to give as our continually ageing population will be bankrupting the younger ones and starving them to death. This is just a fact of life, and nature is going to slap us right in the face with it: Any population that starves its younger productive generations to feed the older non-productive generations, will soon go extinct. It's the same kind of math that dictates 1 man can get 100 women pregnant, but 1 woman cannot give birth to 100 men's children. Nature will not bend on these issues - no matter your ideoligical bent.

The question is, however, are all of the various Bullshit Bubbles related to each-other? In many ways, I suspect that they are.

For example: One of the things that has fueled the Bullshit Bubble in "Gender Theory" is the Bullshit Bubble that has occured in our economy over the past century, and particularly in the past four or five decades, when the value of our dollar was vastly eroded in order to fund a Welfare State that we simply couldn't afford. Despite what Keynesians, Politicians and the Fed claim, you can no more create productivity simply by creating debt in the trillions of dollars, than you can by creating debt in the thousands on your credit card. Unless that debt creates a positive return it is bad debt, and we have now well gone past the point of ever being able to pay it off, now needing to create debt in order to pay back debt, all the while have more debts than assets on the books - ie. the very definition of insolvency and bankruptcy. Most people disconnect when they hear the words "billions" or "trillions," especially in political conversations concerning the lives of populations in the tens or hundreds of millions. I mean, you'd know that a $25,000 car is a modest one while a $50,000 car must be either be more luxurious or sporty... but would you know if $2 Billion is a modest sum for your province or state's healthcare budget, while $4 Billion is extravagent beyond neccessary? The vast majority of us have no clue - but the math works the same no matter how big the number.

I do, actually, think all of these Bubbles are intertwined, and one will cause the bursting of the other - simply because of the basic laws of reality and nature. The Bullshit Bubble that is our Economy is, I think the one that is going to burst first and set off the chain reaction of Bullshit Bursting all over the damn place.

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Much of women's "empowerment" (ie. the power to do away with men - and fatherhood) comes at the expense of men through welfare or job displacement. If welfare were suddenly to disappear because, well, you can't get water from a stone... or, because you can't pay Paul with Peter's money once Peter runs out of money and has lost all ability to create more... then there would suddenly be a lot more incentive for women to work on having successful marriage, simply for survival's sake. Most women, I'm sure, would still prefer a life with their boring, socks-on-during-sex husbands, than live the exciting life of a homeless prostitute on the street.

So, far more than any rising "misogynist men's movement" taking rabid feminism behind the shed and putting it out of society's misery, simple economics will likely do so out of the natural order of the earth, which we still live under despite allowing our rationalization hamsters to convince ourselves of an alternate reality.

Many of the jobs in our society are, as well, un-productive and will have to go at sometime in the future. HR doesn't actually produce anything, so when the going gets tough, who do you think the employers will be letting go first? The mechanics in the back fixing the cars and productively billing hours, or the office girl out front who answers the phone, makes coffee, and looks pretty? It's not that she's not doing a job, it's just that it's not a job that produces income directly. You must have actual profit first from other employees first, before her job can even exist, thus it's also the first one to go.   

A rapidly technologically advancing society will also soon learn that you can't dictate a living wage through legislation alone. If $15/hr is not profitable to pay an employee, no employee will be paid such, and until technology allows products to be brought to market profitably, such products will not be made or created. It's simple economics and not rocket science. An employer who has a profit margin of $50,000/yr cannot afford an increase of $60,000/yr in employee wages. It does not matter how many more laws you pass... the math still won't work. You can't legislate natural law. No matter how many laws are passed, 2+2 will never equal 5. 

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One bursting bubble - the Economic Bullshit Bubble - will explode the Political Correctness Bullshit Bubble, which will Burst the "Gender is a Social Construct Bubble," which will be burst by the ?How Can We Pay Welfare to the Baby Boomers with no Younger Workers Bubble?," which will burst the "Gay Families and Single Mothers are Equal to Traditional Families Bullshit Bubble," which will be further fueled by the "Churches are Evil Bubble," since the Church might be the only place capable of delivering a bowl of hot-soup to people in a post-welfare-check world.

In a collapsing economy, will useless degrees become even more worthless? And, btw, if the government were to actually provide free university education to 100% of the citizenry, would this automatically boost the economy? Why? If EVERYONE has a degree, it will be as common as a high-school diploma... which once upon a time was considered a fairly significant achievment, but now doesn't even qualify you for more than a burger flipper. If everyone gets a Ph D in society, then Ph D's will be flipping burgers too... it's just a simple fact of life. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to simply going back to a high-school diploma being the norm in society? Think of how much money would be saved... and how we might be forced back, during economic hardship, to times when it doesn't require writing a Master's Thesis on "The Philosophical Nature of the Universe" in order to be a qualified "Fry-Guy" down at Burger King. In fact, a qualified "Fry-Guy" could probably be had with a Grade Eight education, don't you think? And, a society under economic duress, will likely be forced - by the laws of nature - to stop over-qualifying people for jobs beyond what is financially feasible.

I suspect society will go through a rapid evolution of thinking once the Economic Bullshit Bubble Bursts - they are all inter-related, and without the funding caused by ever-expanding debt, all the other Bullshit Bubbles will have no choice but to start bursting all over the place.

It's gonna be a helluva a mess... 
If Your BS Detector Isn't Shrieking, It's Broken -- Charles Hugh Smith, OfTwoMinds

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