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The Churchians Show Up to Defend Marriage 2.0

From Absolute Rights
"A group of Christian pastors has sent a stern warning to the nine Supreme Court justices currently considering the issue of gay marriage: You don’t have the authority – moral or otherwise – to make the determination

With the decision likely just days away, the group had gathered more than 42,000 signatures who signed a “Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage,” a proclamation defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman, the Christian Post reported."
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Fair enough, marriage IS a religious institution and the government has no authority over it... BUT, if the Churchians want to defend marriage as it is defined in the Bible, then they should look at how God actually structured the institution.

Marriage 1.0 as defined by the Bible is about Patriarchy - as in, presumed father-custody of the children, rather than the presumed mother-custody that was instituted by the Suffragettes back in the mid 19th Century - and it is from this point that the divorce craze actually began, rather than with the implementation of No Fault Divorce back in the 1970's. (From 1870 to 1920, divorce rates rose from less than 2% to over 15% - a 700% increase. It has only risen about 300% since then).

Marriage as defined by God in the Bible calls for MALE leadership of the family and the submission of the wife to her husband, who in turn submits himself to God's Truths.

Defending Marriage 2.0 - ie. male and female equality in marriage Is Not Biblical. This was established way back when God cursed Adam and Eve and kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. (Adam has to work and Eve has to submit).

Sorry, Churchians, but God's form of marriage is quite clear, and the church hasn't actually "defended" marriage for the past 150 years. God's system WORKS and kept divorce rates under 2% for thousands of years. It was when we veered away from the Bible and remade marriage with presumed mother-custody that we screwed the pooch. Much like the Government, even churchians are hellbent on ignoring what God actually says.

And, btw, the Church doesn't actually "need" the government's permission to re-institute marriage. If the government has no authority over marriage in the eyes of God, it simply doesn't. All the Church really needs to restore marriage is a good old fashioned Bible and a couple pairs of hands to be placed upon it to swear out an oath before God. This is how marriage existed throughout history up until the government started to try to regulate it back in the 19th Century (they started by requiring licenses to prevent inter-racial marriages). But, to be married by the Church means you simply post the Banns in a public place for something like a week before the ceremony, and then you have the service and afterwards, the husband's and wife's names are entered into the Family Bible, and they will add the names of all the children they have into the same Family Bible. The Family Bible, btw, still holds up in a court of law for things such as inheritance between husband and wife. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and all the other greats from our civilization's history were both born this way and were married this way.

If the government has no authority over marriage because it is a religious institution rather than a civil one, then why ask the government for permission to practice it as is put forth in the Bible? It's foolish. Just start doing it, and never bother to obtain the government's silly marriage license. How can the government stop you from placing your hand on the Bible and swearing an oath before God that you take seriously? Wouldn't a true believer consider such an action to be more valid than the government's silly piece of paper? Any woman who married me should be tickled pink that I'd rather get married on the Bible instead of with a government piece of paper. I'd lie like a rug to the government - but I wouldn't be so quick to break an oath I swore to God.

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.

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