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What Keeps a Man Alive, Happy and Productive?

Roosh V recently wrote an article called Western Men Are Becoming Evolutionary Dead Ends.

"A lot of you are coming to the realization, like myself, that there are not many options for men who want to pursue something deeper besides stacking cash and sleeping with promiscuous women, even if you made all the right moves with your life through focusing on self improvement and making sound decisions with your education and money. That raises the question of what is the next stop on our life journey."

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Click Pic for "The Amazon Women (The Science of Why Males Exist)"
It brings up something not a lot of people want to talk about or think about, because when you are young, it seems like you will be that way forever... but time will fix that.

Evolutionary wise, males are designed to serve "the species," but much as the men that the Amazon Women discarded, we are finding there is little to really "strive for" in life when you are simply enjoying the decline.

That's fine, let them change their own damn oil if they want to have man's curse (work) <i>plus</i> women's curse (childbearing). They can have it all - including the stress, heart attacks and feral children bankrupting them with legal bills to keep them out of juvenile detention. 

But, without something to strive for men become aimless.
We seen this in the Soviet Union under Communism: Men's "purpose" was removed from them, along with their families, and they quickly fell into alcoholism and suicide. That doesn't sound like too nice of a way to "enjoy the decline" to me.
It's nothing to joke about, and men staying single are going to have to address these issues sooner or later. It used to be "known" in society, these things about men.

In the first half of life (from puberty to forty), men are driven by their sex drive. Their ambition, arrogance, determinedness etc. etc. comes from their peacocking around to attract mates, in one way or another. But... humans up until recently in human history, did not live much longer than their sex drive lasted... to about middle age today, or into your forties. In fact, in most of nature, animals don't live much longer than their reproductive life cycle, and neither did we.

This comes back to something fairly old in our culture - the Bible and the Ten Commandments: "Honour your father and your mother." This is something that animals DON'T do but which we humans DO. And it is because we do that our lifespans last much longer than they naturally would (I think). The aspect of continuing to be part of something into old age... keeps people living into old age, the same as how the elderly fair much better if they have a pet to take care of rather than just sitting there and looking out the window.

Also, things like inheritance taxes are (or used to be) forbidden, because it was known that while men strive in the early part of life because of pent-up sex drive, the only way to keep them swinging for the fences after middle age is to offer them something to benefit their children... so, men worked like dogs until they died in their 60's and 70's specifically to benefit their off-spring with resources. In fact, it is even for this reason that inheritances used to be left to the oldest son, rather than the mother - who would be willed a monthly stipend from the estate rather than title to it. The reasoning behind it was that it would be an insult to the dead man's life purpose if, after his death, his wife married another man who then would come into control of the dead man's estate, rather than the children the dead man slaved his life away for... thus, the estate was left to the children, rather than the mother.

So... we now see that these motivations for men to "stick around and succeed" are disappearing in our society. They are just not available to us anymore. 

I suspect the answer to this dilemma might be found in how priests and monks and knights and others of various "male orders" seem to find purpose in life that motivates them in other ways, although I have not researched this enough to speak with any authority on it - just that I suspect they have "something" that should be explored to see if it could be tapped into. 

What keeps a man alive, happy and productive?
This is a subject I think I would like to explore with this blog, so I'm going to attach this question to the top corner of this site and post a few articles I have to form sort of a platform, from which perhaps this question can be further examined: 
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Sexual Psychology - Part Three: Forty to Closing Time
Tips on Looking Your Best as You Get Older 
What is Neo-Masculinity? -- by Roosh V

There's No Need for Another Movement, Thank You Very Much!
One thing I can see which will not keep a man happy is joining up with a Social Justice Warrior movement that represents men's interests - like the M(H)RM. This is just more of that low-level thinking which got us into this mess in the first place. Movements are part of the Feminine Principle, and for men to mimick women and try to start up a counter-movment to feminism is an abomination of nature. Yeah! We need a men's movement the same way women needed feminism - because feminism has been so beneficial for women. No thanks! 

Furthermore, being part of a "movement" such as the M(H)RM is consigning yourself to never being satisfied with life. There will never come a time that men and women are "equal" unless we live under complete totalitarianism, like Harrison Bergeron. Sameness is not Heaven on Earth - but rather a living hell, and I will have nothing to do with it - nor waste my life fighting against God, The Truth and Nature. Far more peace and satisfaction can come from working with the world, rather than fighting against it

It's not that I don't think certain things ought to change - I do - but banding together into an open ended movement that wants to fight the tide only creates vast tax-payer funded bureaucracies that harm every one but themselves, rather than bring good qualities to people's lives. 

Let me ask you this: Do women seem happier because of feminism? It doesn't seem so to me. The women of the West are screeching louder than they ever have, despite having virtually won every argument they started... and yet, they are more unhappy and more convinced of their victimhood than ever before. If the most pampered, privileged women to have ever existed on earth since the beginning of time ARE STILL NOT HAPPY... then wtf? They are obviously not following the path to self-fulfillment, and I certainly don't want to follow them down the road of helplessness and dependency on the government to "change things" so my life is better - it would be very unmanly to do so. 

In fact, the whole Social Justice Warrior Generation (The Baby Boomers) have become so disaffected with life that they can't live in it without their prozac and viagra - that, and all of their "stuff" seems to be the only way that generation can find peace and happiness. I very much dislike the entire concept of Boomertopia and can't wait until that generation leaves planet earth so the rest of us can finally get on with living in the real world! 
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Libertarians
The Art of Manliness had a neat post up the other day, that I think transmits something about how men can go about finding happiness in the world, despite the chaos that surrounds them:

“The Joy of Doing”
From Undiscovered Country, 1946
By Raymond John Baughan

"The secret of happiness is in knowing this: that we live by the law of expenditure. We find greatest joy, not in getting, but in expressing what we are. There are tides in the ocean of life, and what comes in depends on what goes out. The currents flow inward only where there is an outlet. Nature does not give to those who will not spend; her gifts are loaned to those who will use them. Empty your lungs and breathe. Run, climb, work, and laugh; the more you give out, the more you shall receive. Be exhausted, and you shall be fed. Men do not really live for honors or for pay; their gladness is not in the taking and holding, but in the doing, the striving, the building, the living. It is a higher joy to teach than to be taught. It is good to get justice, but better to do it; fun to have things, but more to make them. The happy man is he who lives the life of love, not for the honors it may bring, but for the life itself."

I agree very much with this kind of sentiment, and I think it's something very "manly" - to "do." One of the things that I believe could satisfy a man into old age is to get back his "sandbox mentality" - to become that curious kid again playing with his toys, discovering the world, and exploring each and every nook and cranny available.

I think of Thomas Jefferson, who was happy to released from public life to retire to Monticello, where he could tinker with his inventions, write letters to friends, experiment with his plants and so forth. After all of his importance in society, Jefferson seemed to find much more satisfaction in simply playing in his own sandbox again.

We'll never find satisfaction in "the world," because it's too large and abstract. No matter how clear headed and honest you are, there will always be assholes out there trying to tear you down for no other reason than to be an asshole. For example, you can explain to an Atheist that from a scientific point of view, there has never been a culture in history without a religion at its base, and the fact that it is universal to civilization has larger implications than if you actually believe God is real or not... and they'll still circle around you screeching that you're a Buy-Bull banger who believes in the fairy tales of Goat Herders and their Spaghetti Monsters. You know what? Fuck 'em! They will never shut up, they will never change, they don't care about the science they claim to adhere to... so FUCK 'EM! They're just not worth the aggravation.

It is far better to go back to conquering your own small world - which is more or less achievable - than to worry about the world at large. Hey, maybe if I had kids I'd care a little more about the Global Police State that's erecting itself right in front of our eyes... but I don't have any children, and so I really only have to worry about the next three or four decades before my involvement with this planet earth ends. That's what happens when you separate men from their families - they stop giving a shit. Don't blame me! It's just the way the world works!. 

I am pretty certain focusing on the small world I live in, rather than the global community and its never-ending parade of fuck-ups, is a far more satisfying way of living. Have at 'er, you freaks and wierdos - I have to water my plants and don't have the time to waste on you.

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